How to make more money with Fiverr in 2015

10 Basic Things you need to remember to succeed on fiverr this year 2015

1. Offer High End Service... I cannot say this enough. The services that people can't do without in their daily businesses are services that will make you money. That is why services like graphics, articles, backlink building, video creation and submission services, traffic etc will continue to dominate on fiverr.
No wonder fiverr itself arranged the categories in the order of most sales.... Go to and look at the categories at the top... They are in this order...
"1. Graphics and design, 2. Online Marketing, 3. Writing and Translation, 4. Video and Animation etc.".
Choose a service or services in these top 4 categories and you are on your way to success.

2. Have Basic Understanding of What You Are Offering.. This is very crucial people. To be successful, you need to understand what it is you are offering. If you are building links and you don't know what terms like dofollow, nofollow, Page rank etc, mean or you are into graphics and you can't use Photoshop to create layers, merge layers etc, then you will have problems.
Understand everything about your service and then you will be fine.

3. Commitment... To really have a breakthrough on fiverr, there must be some commitment on your part. So many people enter into this business with a mindset of just login into their account once a week and hoping to make sales.
You need to create time to practice and learn some things in your market. find time to promote your gigs and some time to learn from others around you. half commitment won't work.

4. Reinvestment.. You need to start reinvesting some of your earnings in your business. Whether you like it or not, at some point, you have got to buy one or two things to make your business grow. Some tools cost up to $500 and i know guys who have like 2-3 of them.
Some of you wonder how some make millions on fiverr from time to time, its because they have got tools that can deliver top jobs and because their service is in such high demand. They are not afraid to buy tools needed to do their job so they make huge returns on their investment.
You don't have to start with expensive tools, but at some point, you need to reinvest some of your earnings back into your business. If you are using a free limited tools now, use your first or second earnings to buy pro tools and i am not talking of cracks.
Buy real tools that will last you a long time and make you your money back as soon as possible.

5. Create Great Account... Use the right descriptions, use compelling titles, add videos and quality images to your gig. Buyers look at quality of your gig and if you have something not so good, then you won't have many sales.

6. Stay Safe... Keep your account safe always by keeping your IP constant and respecting the fiverr's terms of service. If you are using a VPN, then make sure you stick to it and don't operate two accounts with one IP. Don't lose your account just like that cause its not easy to recreate a winning account. Stay safe.

7. Promote Your Gig to Kickstart Sales... I always encourage anyone going into fiverr to at least promote is gig at the beginning. It is also important to promote to the right audience.
You need eyes to see your gig - The right people that need your gig. The more eyes that see your gig, the higher the potential of making sales. At some point you won't need to do any promotions anymore cause you will have lots of returning customers and have a badge that will continue to make you sales.

8. Keep Your Buyers and make them return every time. You need to have returning customers to continue to have sales. Its easier to retain past customers than get new ones.
So always reach out to your customers from time to time and make them return from time to time.

9. Good communications Skills... You need to have good communication skills in order to get buyers. Most buyers want to get to know you before buying. If your communication skill is good, then you can easily get the services of at least 50% of those who contact you beforehand.
10. Buy Training Programs that will help you especially from those who are into fiverr if you are a newbie.

2015 is your year and however it plays out in your hands. Take your destiny in your hands and join the thousands of people who are having good stories to tell. Nothing should stop you this year. As we start this year, i wish you all the very best and success.
Cheers and welcome to 2015.
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